United Electric Constantly Evaluates New Products…this is a Biceptacle.

At United Electric we keep up with new products, trends, changes in building codes/laws, and other industry specific events in order to provide unsurpassed service to Manatee County and Sarasota County. One of our primary objectives is to stay ahead of the game. We use our blog to promote our services, let everyone know what we are involved in, and sometimes show off a new product or current job.


Here is some info on the Biceptacle:

A new Biceptacle plate installed by United Electric
Will this catch on?

The Biceptacle™ electrical outlet incorporates a revolutionary yet simple concept which will make it the new Standard in the electrical industry. It can replace all duplex outlets with little or no change in wiring practices yet provides the user with unparalleled safety, flexibility, and utility.

As you read on and become familiar with the Biceptacle™ electrical outlet, we, at KCSM, are confident you will agree that it will become the new Standard.

The Biceptacle™ electrical outlet uses Neutral as a common node between two combined sockets. This design allows the user a choice between two different circuits where no choice was available before.

In a dual socket configuration, the user can access two sockets on one circuit, two sockets on an alternate circuit, or a combination of a socket on one circuit and a socket on an alternate circuit.

Biceptacle Electrical Receptacle

  • Green design eliminates “Vampire / Phantom” losses when utilized appropriately.
  • Eliminate use of hazardous extension cords.
  • Ready access to two hot sockets, to two switched sockets, or one each from every Biceptacle™ electrical outlet.
  • Eliminate permanent “Half-Hot” or “Switched” outlets and their limitations.
  • Multiple wiring options provide unprecedented safety and utility for every living space.
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2 Responses to United Electric Constantly Evaluates New Products…this is a Biceptacle.

  1. DJ Dickerson says:

    I love this idea! Where and how can I get 4 to start with?

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